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Thread: How exactly do you lockout in a deadlift

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    How exactly do you lockout in a deadlift

    I've heard a lot of different things about it...and I just want a clear answer for it. I think it's rolling your shoulder back at the top of the movement? And is there a purpose for it for strength training, or is it only a part of competitions used to determine that the movement was completed? So would there be any strength benefits by locking out or no? Cause I don't really know if I have been locking out or not...

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    Rolling back of the shoulders and pronouncement of forward hips etc. is a move performed in Powerlifting meats to verify that the lift has been locked out and completed.

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    I only do it to let myself know I'm not losing ANY little bit of ROM while doing the dead. But if your not a PLer I don't think it would make much difference would it?

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    Knees must be locked as well.
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