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Thread: Lesser or more reps? ...

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    Lesser or more reps? ...

    In general is it better to perform a lesser amount of reps with heavier weights than to do more reps with lighter weights?

    Simple question I suppose, maybe someone can explain the benefits of one over another.


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    Re: Lesser or more reps? ...

    Originally posted by eps
    Simple question I suppose, maybe someone can explain the benefits of one over another.

    Yeah. Too Friggin Simple.

    You really need to tell us what your goals are.

    Strength - Heavy Weight x Somewhat low reps
    Hypertrophy (Growth) - Fairly Heavy (70-75% and higher x Moderate (8-12) Reps
    Endurance/Cutting - Moderate Weight x 12-15+ Reps

    Really, tell us what your goals are before asking that type of question.

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    People put far too much emphasis on the amount of reps they do, in my opinion. I try to stay anywhere from 2-8 reps depending on the exersise and what set it is.

    There is no rep scheme for "cutting".
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    like he said it really depends on your goals, do you want strenght, size or endurance.

    heavy weight and low reps will aid in alot of strength gains, thats why power lifters tend to use this method predominately.

    moderate weight and moderate reps 8-12 are commonly used more by bodybuilders, doing more reps help force more blood in the muscle and really work at tearing alot of micro fibers so the muscle rebuilds more.

    high reps are for endurance, anything over12. Dont let anyone tell you they are for cutting, cutting is done in the kitchen with your diet and cardio.

    but there are a few slight nitches. no matter what scheme you use muscle size will not come from lifting weight, your size will come from eating.

    you can use low reps and eat alot you will get big and strong.

    moderate weight and eating you will increase muscle size but may not be as strong, but your muscles tend to look more full

    dont believe me....

    look at a small heavy weight bodybuilder, say 200 pounds. he is pretty well built and looks pretty big for 200 pounds because his muscles are fuller and he will tend to have larger muscle bellies from the type of lifting he does.

    now take a powerlifter of the same weight. his measurements will be slightly smaller, but he will look more dense than the bodybuilder, may not have as quite the muscualture but he will look more dense than a bodybuilder, i wish i had a picture to really demonstrate what i was talking about but i hope you get the idea.
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    when you say you will grow from eating, do you mean from eating large amounts of protein, therefore building the muscles, or eating to get heavier, as in bulking up?


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