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Thread: Hit the Plateau

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    Hit the Plateau

    I've hit the wall and need some suggestions.

    I began lifting about 4 months ago. I've had great results. Added 15 lbs. of mainly muscle in 3 months using the body for life 3 day a week workout. Upper body one day, lower two days later. 2 excercises per major body part. When I began lifting I improved my eating habits. Take a supplement shake at 3 p.m. and have some form of protein post workout in the evening, either myoplex or can of tuna. Jus started taking creatine 2x daily as well. Have been on Cytovol the entire time but I'm running out and have bought all that I have been taking at 1/4 of the price on sale. Probably not going to pay $70 for a month supply.

    I have the encylopedia of bodybuilding which I consult often. My initial thoughts are to increase protein intake, begin a diff. split where I am working out 5 days a week instead of 3 and hit muscle groups with more exercises.

    My philosophy is eat and lift iron. I have a free weights and smith machine at home. I have a good workout partner.

    Any suggestions.


    175 lbs.
    very low bf
    ectomorph build

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    if you've been on the same routine/schedule for 4 months your long overdue for a workout change.
    Change out exercises + order

    only stay with routines for 10-12 weeks then switch it up to shock your muscles a bit

    If you plateau in that period try breaking out with small weight gains, the gym I goto has platemates which let you raise the weight in .25lb increments so you can ALWAYs make gains.

    Else try switching up the order for 1-2 workouts
    or try using creatine for 2-3 weeks
    these all help me

    ps, watch the books you read, most preach high volume routines with many splits because they are based on steroid loving competitors that recover quickly...if your not on the gear those workouts aren't right for you and will just lead to overtraining and quick burnout

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    Originally posted by geoffgarcia
    only stay with routines for 10-12 weeks then switch it up to shock your muscles a bit
    No offense geoff, but I thought this was a BB myth?
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    Dont think so, IMO constant change really helps to keep me from hitting plateaus so severely. Granted, I still have them, but not as bad as when I stuck to the same routine for months on end.
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    I don't know what it's worth, but I've been using the same routine since I started lifting 7 months ago. The same exercises and even the same order, the only thing I change is adding extra weight and/or reps, and I've made great progress so far


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