Hi, everyone. I figured that as long as I'm checking this board daily I might as well get a journal going, so here it goes.

Background I'm a 19-year old college student, and I'd lifted for about 8 months before finding this website and started mapping out my goals and routines more definitely. I've been bulking for about 2 weeks and just switched over to WBB 1 from my old routine this past week.

Stats I'm 5'10" and about 165 lbs and growing. I haven't been counting calories, but I feel like I'm making healthy gains with my current diet. Critiques and suggestions are definitely welcome, though.

Day 1, September 16:
0.17 Fl oz of Creatine Serum a few minutes before walking down to the gym.

Start: 1:12 pm

1) Flat Benchpress with Barbell
2x8x165 lbs
2) Low Incline Dumbbell Benchpress
1x8x55 lbs
1x8x60 lbs
3) Dips
2x8xBody Weight
4) Assisted Pull-ups
2x8xBody Weight - 30 lbs
5) Seated Rows
6) Deadlifts
7) Dumbbell Shrugs
1x10x140 lbs
8) Decline Sit-ups
2x8x25 lbs
9) Hanging Leg Raises
2x10x0 lbs

End: 1:56 pm

Comments: I felt like this workout went very well, and I think I'll be making some good gains as I get proper form down for the lifts that are new to me like Deadlifts. I also need to get a scale so I can get some accurate measurements of my weight gains, and I'd like to get a digital camera for before and after purposes. If anyone has a good recommendation for one, I'd love to hear it.