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Thread: Progress at last!

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    Progress at last!

    I have put weight on this last week for the first time in months. Previously I have been 12 st 12 lb for about 5 months and this last week I went up to 13st 1 lb.

    Also on my bench press last week i could only manage 3 sets of 5 but this week with the same weight I managed to lift a set of 9 followed by a set of 7 then 6. Do u think next week that I should add 2.5kg?

    My progress is probably down to the fact that on monday I started to use creatine and a protein shake as well. I have been using the creatine 5 times a day (loading phase) and the protein shake 3 times a day.

    I just thought I would post my progress since I was quite pleased. Previously I don't think I have been increasing the weight enough.

    P.S. bench press is not the only exercise I have improved this week but since I like working my chest it's the most pleasing.

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    good job , I've noticed better results while not taking creatine
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.

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    Originally posted by SoulOfKoRea
    good job , I've noticed better results while not taking creatine
    I'm not moaning, i'm having an opinion.

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    Maybe this just works for me.. but on bench, in my sets, I shoot for between 4-8 reps and I bump up the weight 5lbs per week. Lifting heavy for a few reps seems to be working very well for me. In 3 weeks, I've gone from 145 to 175... but I need a spotter on my last set of 4-8 for 175lbs. Its pretty heavy for me.

    So in summary... good job dude maybe lift heavy and for less reps and see how it works for you?
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    Good job dude.

    Im still cutting so Im actually losing some muscle but they are getting more defined tho.


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