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Thread: Broken Bar for bench

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    Broken Bar for bench

    Hey guys,

    Anyone tried using one of those bars that is broken in the middle. Broken for lack of a better word. I'm sure there's a real name for this bar. Basically olympic bar that has the dip in the middle so you can bring the weight lower than parallel to your chest.

    Had an amazing workout with it last week after previously doing a routine that led up to a new 1rm.

    Thinking of trying the same routine with this bar and curious if others have had any luck with this. I know from a soreness factor that it was working something new. Most likley just the stretch but lemme tell you it was some serious sore sore that I haven't experienced since getting back hard-core over a year ago.
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    I believe its called a cambered bar. Ive never used it for bench, but since im weak off the chest I plan on using it at some point. Ive heard people say to be careful about not going too deep, as it may put unneccessary strain on your rotator cuffs.

    What I do use it for though... is curling! You get a greater ROM at the bottom, and slightly less on the top, which in my opinion is better because the top of the movement is practically effort less anyways.


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