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Thread: Rotator cuff

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    Rotator cuff

    I must have tweeked my shoulder during my last workout 'cause my cuff is acting like a **tch. Should I stretch it out or something, it isn't too bad, just bugging the hell out of me. Any advice?
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    You need to do extra strectching and also pay close attention to form when lifting. I have the same problem often, and its because of my bad habits of not stretching and warming up properly.

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    ive had the same problem and the only thing that really can heal it over a short amount of time is rest.... if u dont want to take time off and rest your just going to keep reactivating it.. make sure u ice ur arm a few times a day take care of it. also if it gets better in a few weeks try doing some shoulder exercisees with a 4 or 5 pound db and do some shoulder work... the light well will concentrate mostly on the rotator cuff to strenghten it gl man take it easy

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    where do you get these elusive 4lb dumbbells?

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    I would think your purple-coated gym would have them unshift. Look for the small plastic dumbells.

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    Originally posted by drew
    I would think your purple-coated gym would have them unshift. Look for the small plastic dumbells.
    Haha the guys doing aerobics to nsync must be using them

    LOL sorry had to, that mental image is stuck with me now.
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