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Thread: Training/routine while dieting

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    Training/routine while dieting

    I'm just coming off a period of gaining, will begin dieting this week. My question is regarding training... Is it recommended that anything change in my routine?

    The routine i've been using while gaining is very much like your Wannabebig # 1 (low reps, 3 lifting days a week). Another thing that concerns me is that since i won't be consuming the same amount of carbs and/or calories as i am now (4300k currently), i won't recover as well... can that be confirmed?

    I appreciate any suggestions or advice that's posted... Thanks.
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    Don't change your routine, the intensity is great for burning fat.

    Another question, it is easier to overtrain while your cutting?
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    Yes much easier, it really depends on your routine though.

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    I'm using HST for my cut. I like the fact that I'm stimulating every muscle every 48-72 hours, so that it gets a frequent "save me" signal. I think.

    Anyway, I think a program like HST makes the most sense on a cut, because you don't have the recovery ability you do when bulking.
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