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Thread: Post Your Injuries

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    Post Your Injuries

    I hear a lot about injuries, and I'm scared ****less when I squat by myself at home with no safety rack things at the bottom.

    And exactly how common are injuries among you guys? Seems like a lot of you guys have messed up your back or something.

    Anyways, so far I'm injury free, except for a slight wrist pain I used to have when I was cleaning, but I had wrong form. I corrected that.
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    Last few years: Finger, bicep, shins, hips, hams, shoulder.

    From, respectfully: climbing, climbing, running, soccer, soccer, sleeping.

    Lifting: DOMS

    Lifing is safe if you know what you can handle and ALWAYS keep good form.

    The journal / I live here.

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    I would get some spotting bars for those squats bro' = you dont want to be driven into the ground by too much weight.
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    I hate injuring myself in my sleep. If this were a fair world, it'd never happen!

    Also, I'd never squat without pins. Unless I had a great spotter on either side.

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    -Broken fingers eleven times.

    -broken toes (several).

    -shattered tooth.

    -dislocated both thumbs.

    -dislocated left shoulder.

    -torn left rotator cuff.

    -torn ligaments in left wrist

    -tear in lower right trap.

    -tore the musculature off my lower spine last year (near disc herniation).

    -particles in both knees.

    -torn tibofibula ligament right ankle.


    -some nagging hip thing.

    These are from lifting, football, martial arts, and fighting.
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    severe knee injury - tore LCL, ACL, lateral meniscus, broke large piece of bone off platella (pinned back together).. injury resulted in 2 inches of muscle atrophy on quad/hamstring, and 1 nasty scar from surgery..

    it happened while fighting w/ a friend..

    also i've had a broken nose and toe, and an ongoing left trap pain (like for 5 years, unknown to docs)

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    Upper-Middle back muscle strain. Too much volume and too little rest. Took about 3 months to heal. No upperbody lifting during that time, and limited lower body lifting.
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    broken fingers and toes , fractured forearm, torn MCL, broken hand, severely sprained ankle, dislocated knee: all from football.

    No injuries directly related to lifting.
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    I got a paper cut in the july of 1999. It was scary.

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    I personally feel the more (time wise and weight) that I lift, the less likely injury is because your body is stronger and better able to cope, but only if form, concentration and careful movements (i.e. not snatching or grabbing a weight up, unless thats what your training for)
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    A sprained ankle 10 years ago.

    I've never injured myself weightlifting and I don't plan to, safety is in my top priority list.

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    Tendonitis in knee (suffered for 3 years)
    " " in shoulder (currently injured with) (10 weeks expected)
    Ligament damage in shoulder ( 4 months out)
    Shins splints (3 months out)
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    Originally posted by Borris

    -shattered tooth.
    how does this hamper your training??

    for me -- broken everything below my right knee from separate sports occassions; fractured left wrist (which makes basically ALL curls a nightmare to this day); torn hamstring; strained knee ligament; and the ubiquitous, omnipresent, debilitating back pain that makes pain-free days a noteworthy event.
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    shattered small toe when 5lb safety buckle fell off a bench
    injured left elbow doing db lat raises that were to heavy for me
    injured something in my right back muscle area doing 100lb pullups (managed 8 till it went!)
    injured right wrist doing bb upright rows that were to heavy


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