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    Petes Journal

    Alright let's see.
    Started this routine 7-23 and I'm going to do it till gains stop. I really like this routine.
    Age:26 (almost 27)
    Height 5'8.5"(i need that 1/2 inch)
    Weight 170
    BF: who knows guessing 15% or so
    Work out:
    Monday: Chest and Back
    Wed: Legs
    Friday: Shoulders, Bis and tris

    Monday Sept. 3 - chest and back
    Flat bench warm-up 95x12, 135x6--Decline Dumbbell press--85x7 (failure, up one rep) 70x10 (failure, up 5 lbs)
    Dips: 2 sets to failure: 12 reps then 10 reps. Might add weight next week.
    Low incline Barbell bench press: (around 20 degrees) 140x5, 115x10---this lift needs work, but i might do away with it and add 2 sets of flys.

    Curl grip chins: 2 sets to failure. 10 reps, then 6 reps. (these have suffered since doing chest first)
    Deadlifts: (done every other week now) (and elevated standing on 25lb plates) 155x6, 245x5, 270x3. Max is 300x1.
    Barbell rows: 45x12, 125x7 (failure) 100x10 (failure) adding weight almost every week, back is getting alot stronger.
    Work out time: 50 mins. After workout shake 35 grams whey and approx 80 grams maltodextrin.
    Rest of diet not to bad. Could be better.
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    Wed. Sept. 5

    Leg day
    Squats: 95x12, 135x6, 205x7 (failure) 165x10 (failure) been stuck at this weight for a few weeks. Seriously considering cutting deadlifts for a while cause of lower back reasons.

    Leg extensions: extension machine sucks, its an old sit up bench i converted. (looking for a new, real one) So the weight values are weird. Using free weights. 75x10, 75x9
    Leg Curls: same stupid contraption---30x10, 60x10
    One leg calf raises: another home made platform out of 2x4's. 85lb DB's x 20, 17
    Abs: crunches-- 3 sets of 10 with 25 lbs.
    Time 44 mins.

    Diet: Eating clean, every 2.5 - 3 hours, but no real plan.
    Breakfast: 2 whole eggs "plus" (with efa's) and 3/4 cup egg whites. 4 pcs. turkey bacon.
    Next meal: leftover fried (in olive oil) cat fish.mmmmmmmmmm with greenbeans.
    Next: meso-tech bar. love these just too much sugar.
    Next: One 7 oz. pouch of tuna fish with a tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp fat free miracle whip and 2 chopped pickles. with a side of pork rinds.mmmmmmmm
    Took an hour nap. Not to hungry after nap so just had another stupid bar.
    Work out 8pm-8:45
    after workout meal: 40 grams whey and 80 grams malto.
    Next meal: left over meat loaf with some kern...
    snacked on peanuts.

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    Friday workout Sept. 7

    shoulders, bis and tris

    shoulders: warm-ups (barbell)-45x12, 65x8, Db press: 45x5, 35x10

    Tris-Close grip bp. 45x12, 65x8, 150x6, 125x10
    skull crushers- 45x12, 75x5, 60x10---weak

    bis- barbell curls 45x12, 90x7, 75x10
    hammer curls 40x7, 35x9
    all work sets to failure---update more later no time..............


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