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Thread: Strap on weights

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    Strap on weights

    If this question is total bull please forgive.
    I was told that if you strap on weights to yoursef (around the ankles and wrists) permanently say about 30-40lb ,your body will eventualy compensate by building slightly more muscle,better cardiac ability and better lung usage.I think you would notice these benefits when you took off the weights after your body has had time to adjust.This sounds like it could be correct because I see athletes running with tyres strapped to them.
    Please tell me if ii would be waisting my time.
    Thanx all

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    wasting time

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    Although, if you're training to be a sprinter, you might run with weights. When I was training to sprint, I would run hills with another guy harnessed to my back.

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    I would think it couln't be good on your joints changing the mechanics like that with strap-ons, but pulling something like with a belt or harness could be a decent way to train for sprints. Ever see those strongman comps with the trailer pull. Pretty intense.
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