Well, internal hemorrhoid actually. This is serious, and I'm not trying to make anyone sick, but blood from your @$$ during bowel movements will get your attention. Enough to stain the water pink. Happened 3 times, all in the last 6 weeks, my first bulk. Always during large, firm bowel movements. Usually a day or so after leg day (squats?) I'm drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water a day, and eating around 40 grams of fiber daily. Still, I get mildly constipated sometimes and with the volume I'm eating, I found myself straining, and bleeding. The Doctor says it can be caused by many things. Constipation, hurrying during bowel movements (straining), and HEAVY LIFTING (especially holding breath during lifts (straining)).
So, what do you guys think might help? I thought maybe I was eating too much dairy/calcium, and that might cause hard stools. I don't want to take stool softeners or drugs, but I don't want to tear my @$$ out either. Thanks for any help.