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Thread: Wanna Be Big Routine Question

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    Wanna Be Big Routine Question

    I have seen the wanna be big routine and I have one question about it. Will training the barbell bench press and deadlifts on the same day hurt progress, since they are both real taxing exercises? Is there another split that would leave all of the 3 main powerlifts on different days? Maybe something like this:
    Monday:Chest and Shoulders
    Wednesdays: Legs
    Fridays: Back, Biceps, and Triceps
    Thanks alot guys,
    Robert Boback
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    Why not try...

    Legs (Or maybe eliminate shoulders 1st time, put them here.)

    This way you can train both with maximal recovery time on your lower half for deads/squats. Very in depth first reply though, surprised there was anything left to say.

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    i've gone a week with the WBB is quite taxing, but i love it...

    but some of the exercises that use free weights (ex. bench press) i've simply replaced with using the machines

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    its ok to substitute machines for free weights if they are GOOD machines. Most are really poorly designed, then again some that i am using at my current gymn are the most kickass ive seen!


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