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    Due to a bad sleep last night I was feeling tired all day and my eyes would sting when I closed them. When I got home from school I decided to have a sleep and I slept 1 - 1 1/2 hours. The problem is that now I feel worse than before I went to sleep, my eyes don't sting anymore but my whole body feels drained of energy does anyone know why this is? I think I will have to give the weights a rest today.

    Oh yeah another question is that tomorrow night I am celebrating someone's birthday is it still ok to do my weights during the day or is it wasted time since I will be drinking a lot of alcohol in the night. I know it will affect me somehow but if doing the weights during the day helps me a little will help than I will do it since I won't be doing them on saturday for sure.

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    I'd go ahead and do them tomorrow, I'd say its better to do them than to put it off, thats just my opinion

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    I think it's better to lift before a night of drinking than to lift when sleepy/tired. I'd say stick w/ beer @ the b-day party and avoid the hard stuff.
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