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Thread: bad back lifting fixed

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    bad back lifting fixed

    when i was 14 i tried to lift 100 lbs with my back . i rounded my back when i leaned over and the weight rose an inch and then i heard a suction cup sound and it felt like my spine came apart, like a soup can lid in the open position i felt pain and it was hard to move. i told no one and every once in awhile i would get this pain in the same area and it would not go away. then i did deadlifts and it hurt in the same place after about an hour and i continued to lift for months not religiously but frequently, and the pain went away and has never come back.

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    That's great!


    You should probably go to see a chiro and let him know about it, and get some x-rays. Just to make sure there isn't some damage in there that you could possibly aggravate by lifting.

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