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Thread: why doing so many differents exercises ?

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    why doing so many differents exercises ?

    I feel that we could progress much more faster if we did only the minimum number of exercises required for optimal growth. It would be easier to progress on squat if we did only squat and not 4 or 5 exercises for legs.

    I would like your opinion about the minimum number of exercises required for maximum developpment. Physiology experts are welcome Powerman DL or others ?

    In my opinion to hit the major muscle of the body we only need :

    Back : Chins and Deadlift
    Chest : Dips and Standing press
    Shoulders : Standing Press
    Arms : Barbell Curl
    Legs : Squat

    a total of 6 exercises ! for maximum size it might be an idea to do some isolation exercises but not all at the same time : Pullover, lateral raises, leg extension, leg curl, calves press, wrist curl, shrugs. I believe adding these exercises can make a little difference.

    What I believe is that :

    We dont need flat press or incline press or decline press if we already do Dips and Standing Press which hit respectively lower and upper chest. I may be wrong I would know the physiological reasons to add another press movement.

    Also I think barbell row is not useful if you do Chins and Deadlift or you could replace Chins by Row, which is not to your advantage in my opinion because chins allow greater ROM.

    I think triceps are already heavily worked (the 3 heads) with dips and that isolation is not required. Plus skull crusher and triceps extension are hard on elbows.


    Because I am afraid to not do enough exercises for maximum developpment I do too many exercises like many people and I feel it hurts my progression...
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