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Thread: i need intense back exercises

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    i need intense back exercises

    ok i need 2 that focuses on lats 1 for top 1 for bottom or one that works all of them very good. 1 for the whole back and i was thinking deadlifts for lower back and i already do shrugs with dumbell and barbell (i love them)

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    For back you need Chins and a form of Deadlift, or Row (eventually Pullover) and Shrugs + back extension. If you decide to do the 4-5 exercices at the same time you won't progress as fast as if you focus on 2 exercices.

    I suggest you to do (weighted) Chins and regular Deadlift or Stiff Legged Deadlift which are the most important in my opinion. Chins will work latissimus dorsi and Deadlift traps and lower back, adding barbell row is ~like adding another set of chins for latissimus dorsi and adding a set of shrugs + back extension is like another set of deadlift for traps and lower back !

    you only need ONE exercise per bodypart !

    The advantage of Pullover is that you are not limited by arms and thus it could be a good idea to do pullover. Unfortunotely you need a machine because bent arms pullover with a barbell is very dangerous and hurts shoulders. Maybe straight arms pullover is an option... I never realy tried it
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    The only exersises I do for my back are deadlifts,chins,bb rows,and shrugs-and it's progressing very nicely.
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    what about sqauts? every time i do squats i feel it in my back, but then again, squats are the best excersise in the WORLD and tend to hit a lot more than just legs.


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