In response to the question about my training methods. That 4 month on-off thing was just an example to show how to mix up programs. 4 months may actually be a bit long to keep a program, unless you're just beginning. 3 months per program may be a good goal, or even two if you just halt progress quickly.

Let's use a 9 month cycle as an example. This little 'routine' or set of routines takes a full 9 months of commitment. Or you can try just one of the three month cycles. Oh, also, take a solid week off between each three month cycle. Good luck.

For the first 3 months, we'll use periodization. Why start with periodization? Well, here's the reason. To get bigger muscles, you have to cause microtrauma and have your body overcompensate in the healing process. Let's use some common sense here. A guy does eight reps on bench press with 225 pounds. Another guy does eight reps on bench press with 315 pounds. They both use the same tempo, same TUT, same form, same everything except weight. Who has done more work? Guy #2, of course. If we were to organize the cycles like this:

HIT - Volume - Periodization

We would be working on mass, mass, strength. Sure, that would work. You'd get some mass, and at the end of the cycles, you'd probably be strong too. But let's do it this way:

Periodization - Volume - HIT

This way you have gained that strength FIRST, and can use heavier poundages during your mass phases, which will equate to more mass. Have you ever seen a guy benching 405 that wasn't pretty big? I have, but it's rare. Especially for a natural guy, to be really big, you're going to have to be pretty strong too.

Now that I've said that crap, let's look at how the routine(s) would go:

This is a method of building strength (and mass) by plugging your 1RM (or 3RM, 6RM, whatever) into a formula and getting a list of poundages and reps to use for a set period of time. It's not hard to find periodization routines on the net. I suggest you look for one that is a hybrid of bodybuilding/powerlifting, not just powerlifting. Many powerlifting periodization routines are going to have you doing partials, chain work, band work, etc. These are all EXCELLENT ways to build strength, but if you don't have a solid base already, it's not really the way to go. Find a simple routine that focuses on the BENCH, one that focuses on the SQUAT, and then I'll explain the third day later. You will workout 3 or 4 times per week, okay?

SATURDAY: OFF (or Assistance)

If you want to workout 4 times a week, throw a small (yes, a small) workout in on Saturday that will use muscles that you don't target well the other days (traps, calves, abs, forearms, etc). YOU DO NOT NEED A DEADLIFT DAY!! Your deadlift will work the same muscles as your squat (with a little different priorities). Your lower back SHOULD get plenty of work with the SQUAT DAY, but if you need more, do it on Assistance Day (Saturday). You will not find a CHINS periodization routine (that I know of). It's hard. What you should do is determine your 1RM or 3RM or whatever you did for your bench, and then plug the same percentages in for chins. You'll most likely have to use the pulldown machine for a while. That's alright, but the sooner you move into freeweight chins, the better. On bench day, you will do your bench routine, and do some tricep/chest/delt work. Be moderate, not too much! Your bench should be hard enough that you'll be pretty tapped by the time you're done. Do some lateral raises, DB flyes, and triceps extensions. That's it. For chins day, do your chin workout (will be hard!!!), some rows, some curls, and that's it! For squat day, do your squat workout then leg press, stiff-legged deadlifts, and that's it! Squat full depth, people!!! No half squats! Full squats will work your quads, hams, glutes, and yes, even your calves (mainly soleus). Do your periodization routine for the 12 weeks (or 8, or 16, whichever it says), then move to volume training.

This will be easy compared with the 12 weeks of hell you just went through. Your days:

MONDAY: Chest/back
FRIDAY: Shoulders
SATURDAY: Calves, abs, forearms

Yeah, there's gonna be some volume. Before I lay out the routine, here's something to know. If you get overtrained, first thing to do is take out Saturday. Make it a rest day. You can either stick each muscle group on a different day, or just leave them alone. Your abs will be alright, so will your calves and forearms. Notice that there is alot of crossover for your arms. This is intentional. After a 3 month period of neglecting direct arm work, your arms are going to be quite responsive to this training.

Chest/back: Keep two heavy compounds for each bodypart (ex. bench press, DB bench, pullups, bent-over rows). Do at least 3 sets for each of these. Keep one or two isolation movements (DB Flyes, One-Arm DB Rows, etc.) and do at least 3 sets for each of those. That brings you to at least 18 sets in the workout, probably more.

Legs: Hell, just destroy them. You only have one leg day, so make it worthwhile. Squat your ass off (4 sets), leg press your ass off (4 sets), stiff-legged deadlift your ass off (4 sets), then do isolation exercises (3 ext, 3 curls) till you need a wheelchair. You'll have around 18 sets again.

Arms: Get three exercises for biceps, three for triceps. Suggested (EZ-bar curls, Alternating DB curl, Hammer-bar Curl, Triceps Extensions, Close-grip bench, Triceps Pressdowns). Do three sets for your first two exercises, then two for your last. Total of 16 sets.

Shoulders: DB Press (3 sets), Front Military Press (3 sets), Upright rows (3 sets), Lateral Raises (3 sets), DB Shrugs (3 sets). That's 15 sets.

People make the mistake of going to failure all the time in volume training! DON'T!!! Go to failure in your first exercise on the last set! (Bench press, chins, barbell curls, tri extensions, squats, shoulder press of somekind). DO NOT go to failure any other time if you can help it! Yeah, you won't feel demolished like you do when training with super intensity, but this volume will trash you enough! MAKE SURE YOU GET PLENTY OF SLEEP AND NUTRITION!!!

There are lots of HIT routines out there. You can find them easily, check for some good ones. I will give you a split, though. Do an ABBREVIATED routine, not the full body. Full body is death! It's never worked for me (I use way too much intensity to last for long after squats, bench, chins, etc). Split your week like this:

MONDAY: Chest/triceps/delts
FRIDAY: Back/biceps/traps

You should notice that crossover has been minimized in this routine. There is little to no crossover in the days. You will train each bodypart once a week, HARD. Keep volume low, intensity HIGH, and bust your ass in the gym like no other. Keep our three core exercises in the program again (bench, squat, chins). Go at it!

I hope this has shown you how to mix up routines. If you need anything else, post below.