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Thread: Different cutting techniques to get to comp bf levels?

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    Different cutting techniques to get to comp bf levels?

    Obvously cutting is just reducing calories and regulating fats/carbs/proteins

    I've been wondering if there is a difference in supplements, dietary breakdown, etc, between:

    Regular guy at 20% bf and wants to get down to 12%
    Competitor guy at 9% bf and wants to get down to 3%

    I imagine most people will say there is no difference since most of us are regular guys (never below 7% bf) and have never tried to get to comp bf levels

    so this question is more geared towards the people that have gone below 5% to see if they have any different cutting habits.

    What kinda protein/fat/carb breakdowns, supplements, etc
    and how fast does the weight shed off?

    This is just a curiosity thing, I'm not looking to compete

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    When dieting you know that you will need adequate amounts of protein and EFAs, regardless of whether you are at 9% or 20% bf.

    The person who is 20% bf will have more calories to play with so to speak, and since they are probably above their bf setpoint they will have little trouble decreasing weight in the beginning (calorie deficit and/or addition of cardio).

    As one gets to the lower bf%, the will begin experiencing "resistance" from their body. This could be attributed to decreased leptin, hormones etc., basically your body does not want to go below it's setpoint and it will try and prevent you from getting there. Once you start noticing this "resistance" you can begin incorporating refeeds or time off from your diet, in an effort to "normalize" your body (increase leptin, metabolic rate, hormones, etc.). The lower your bf% the more often you will have to refeed.

    The macronutrient breakdown is really not going to be that important, and as you get leaner you will have to cut cal lower and lower. Ususally this just brings you closer to consuming the essential nutrients and the room for "extras decreases" (usually carbs are the first to go).

    However, I do think that timing will play a role. For example, if you have allotted yourself 100g of carbs for the day, then the ideal time to take them would be around your training, due to the benefits that carbs have on muscle recovery and also the increased nutrient partitioning that will be seen after training.

    There are plenty of supplements on the market that are supposedly supposed to help while trying to get to a low bf%, such as fat burners, yohimbine for the stubborn bf (oral/topical), thyroid supplements, appetite suppressants, and also the newer products like Leptigen.

    Just some thoughts


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