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Thread: New Start, New Style ... New ME!

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    New Start, New Style ... New ME!

    Hello everyone.. let me introduce myself a little bit.. well im from canada.. stand @ 5'9 and currently weight 160 lbs @ approx. 15% bf.

    Well about a year ago.. i was a very overweight guy.. 240 lbs @ my heaviest.. since then ive drope the weight down to 140 using crash diets and way too little calories, too much cardio ect.. then i was introduced to the sport of bodybuilding.. began reading lots of articles and got things straightened out.. over the last 5 months ive gained my weight back to 165 by bulking.. about a month ago i started to maintain/cut.. well i only dropped 5 lbs or so, mostly fat.. and i can START to see some abs form there. so i figure since im prety small, i shoud contine to bulk..

    That brings us to the point of this journal.. i plan to keep a semi good detailed record of my stats/excersise/DIET! an all that sorta stuff during this bulk.. i would appreciate if you guys all helped me through it telling me where i can improve ect..

    My Long Term Goal is to bulk to 185-190 and try to keep the bf% as low as possible, im gonna try to bulk as cleanly as possible. And then to lean down to sub 10% for summer time.. show off all my hardwork

    Well, here is what im thinking of for my split..
    Monday - Chest/Tri
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wed. - Cardio ( Low intensity or hit??? )
    Thursday - Shoulders/Traps
    Friday - Back/Bi's

    What do you guys think of it?

    I'll keep a record of my 1RM for Bench/Deadlift/Squat.. i do not know what these are yet.. but i will test it out tommorow.

    Well that is all i have to say for now.. Start the Spam Guys n Girls

    Here is a pic of my start bulk
    Attached Images Attached Images
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