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    Ashes' Lifting Journal

    hi. my name is ashes and i'm new here... so be gentle with me.
    this is my attempt at making a log to keep track of my gains. i will be back logging my workouts, so the next however many entries i make will be me doing that. feel free to ignore.

    The Lowdown
    over the winter, i went through a small bout of depression. i stopped going to the gym, ate away my woes, and gained 15lbs. the defining day was when i ran into my ex boyfriend and he said "what happened to you! you use to be so skinny!" ha. yeah, asshole to the nth degree. feel free to break his kneecaps for me.

    BUT, now i'm back.

    approximately 14 weeks ago, i started up at the gym again . i started doing all the old wussy, girly training i had been doing before the winter. after only a week back, i made friends with Mike and David, two of the larger body builders at my gym. Mike turned me on to power lifting.

    after about 13 weeks of the hard lifting routine he put me on, i look better then i have in a long time. i generally refuse to do cardio (basically i just hate it with a passion), but the lifting i LOVE. i've always had a large frame (broad shoulders, wide hips) for a girl, so i decided that this was a way to work *with* my body's natural state.

    while i have been putting on mass and muscle with my new regimine, my ultimate goal is to lose body fat. i have no grande illusions of doing so until i incorporate cardio and do intend to start working on that. today was my first day of putting some cardio into my routine.
    my routine is as follows...

    The Workouts
    Day 1: LEGS (and abs if i have time. if not, i incorporate abs into the rest of the weeks).
    bear squats
    leg press
    hamstring curls
    leg extensions
    standing calf
    seated calf
    leg abductor (this is the only one of the list that i am currently doing for higher reps)

    Day 2: CHEST and TRIS
    flat bench
    incline dumbells
    cable flys
    dumbell extensions

    Day 3: BACK and BIS
    stiff legged dead lifts
    seated rows
    cable curls
    single cable curls
    forearm curls

    Day 4: General MIX
    true squats
    incline bench
    skull crushers
    machine flys
    wide press downs
    rear delt dumbelss

    The Cardio
    my pathetic attempt at inserting cardio into my routine started today. instead of resting between sets, i am jumping rope. it's short enough in each duration that i don't completely hate it, plus it keeps my heart rate up. this is a HUGE step for me,, don't knock it. hehe

    The Diet
    pretty ****ty. about 3 months ago, i more or less gave up pasta. considering i literally had it for 2 meals a day, everyday (hey, i'm italian, gimme a break) this was quite a huge step for me. since then, i have had only 2 pasta dishes. my chocolate/dessert intake (which was astronomical because i work at a restaraunt... i was having a dessert *everday* over the winter, literally) has been cut severely. i average a sweet about once a week. still too much, but i am an admitted junkie.
    not caring about fat intake in general, but more protein and less carbs. drinking habits consist of water and skim milk. no caffeine, no sodas.

    ok. this intro was more for my records then anything. sorry to bore ya'll. and if you got this far, kudos to you
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