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Thread: Calling you lifting FREAKS out!

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    Calling you lifting FREAKS out!

    No posting something you seen in some mag, video, or what your mom said might work. I want what worked for you. If it be blah blah or even blah thats fine.

    1) whats the most important part of gaining weight, besides self control?

    2) if you had to give up one part of your body building experience, even though it wouldnt affect your total outcome, what would it be? aka, what do you hate the most about body building?

    3) what do you think is the most common mistake in BB for skinny people?

    4) same as 3. what do you think it is for fat people?

    5) personal, wtf do you guys have against 3 servings of milk per day??

    6) about how many calories do you intake above maintence per day?

    7) what are your bulking cutting cycles, or do you have them at all?
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    1) Being able to eat enough quality foods in 1 day. All the food you have to eat doesn't always taste good
    2) The eatting. Alot of my day has to do with the schedule I eat on. It would be much easier if I could just eat 3 meals a day and study all the rest of the time. Now I got to take breaks and breaks make me loose the "grove" when I'm studying. Takes like 1/2 hour to get back to a place where I am learning again.
    3) Thinking that you have to eat clean. I assume skinny people are like me. They are skinny because they don't eat enough because of either high metab or low apeitite. Fast food though not ideal is a very easy and tastey way of packing some more cals in the day. The added fat content doesn't phase my body at all. As opposed to when I was trying to eat totally clean (no fast food no bad food at all) it was 10x harder to pack in the calories. Though I stayed slightly leaner in the end I gained more LBM and have more time which is important to me. Most skinny guys don't want to gain fat and are scared of it.
    4) I was never fat nor do I know what a fat person thinks. But if I were to pin point it to something it would probably be portion size. This is the blind leading the blind here though.
    5) Milk is the devil! LOL j/k I'm slightly lactose intoerant but I still drink it
    6) As many as possible. I gave up counting my calories really. I do count minimum calories though. I make sure I consume about 3k every day. Above this I don't count, maybe if I start getting porky I might.
    7) Continuous bulk.


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