How many exercises you guys do on shoulder day and back day?

At the moment I have a hard time figuring out how many different exercises are ideal to encourage muscle growth! I do lift heavy, but sometimes I find myself doing 5 or 6 different exercises with 3-4 sets each before my lifting session is over. That is by far too much isn't it?

I've heard 3-4 exercises, with heavy weights and 3 sets, going 10 reps, 8 reps and 6 reps as the weight increases.

Also been told that for the shoulders, 1 exercise for the front, 2 for the side and 2 for the back, which would result in 5 exercises. Is that too much for shoulders or not?

I work shoulders alone on one day, and back on another day combined with triceps. Needless to say with 5 back exercises, adding 4 triceps exercises keeps me busy for quite a while at the gym.

How many exericses you guys do for shoulders and back? What do you consider ideal exercises....I know what works for some people doesn't necessarily work for other people, but just to get a general idea and other ideas

Thanks in advance for the feedback!!