Hey guys.. i think i have a problem.. seriously... all through the day, all i can think about is my food.. like, even if i just finished a meal, im spending the next 3 hours thinking about./wanting my next meal.. i usually end up eating nonstop for a loong time.. even when m past the full point.. almost to the point of throwing up.. and i still want more food... this is getting diffucult because im trying to cut now lol.. and i can't stop the cravings to go eat food! im taking about.. putting down 5 cups of dry oats without stoping.. even though it make take me an hour to do it.. i just always want to be eating.. for the first week or so i didn't let it bother me.. but now i think i got sum type of mental problem.. anyone else ever experiance this? anyone got suggestions as to what i can to to stop thinking about food?