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Thread: Bench Press

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    Bench Press

    What is a good max bench press for a 14 yr. old?

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    There really is no "good max bench" for a certain age group. If your 120lbs, then a 240 bench would be awesome. If your 210lbs, then a 240 bench becomes not so great. But since your only 14 I'm assuming you haven't really trained all that much, and any bench is a good starting point.
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    You should be concentrating on your squat. That's what'll get you the chicks.

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    You should be concerned with not getting your a$$ trampled as a freshman


    HahnB is right. Max bench for anybody really comes down to their weight and experience lifting.
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    When I was in Highschool some of my friends who were very athletic benched 200lbs-240lbs. These guys were in top shape though compared to the rest of the Highschool population.

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    when I was a freshman there was a guy on the football team that was 5'6 about 165 and he could bench 225 about 6 times

    his biceps were about 17.5
    and he had done 3-4 cycles...
    He was the nose and I was the center and he named a defensive play the Ma-kula massacre in which he would pound the S outta me *LOL* it was hilarious
    I was the center at 5'9 150lbs(dont ask why)

    but I agree with other posters, it has everything to do with your height and physical maturity...wait until senior year to get a better gauge...


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