I'm 20 yrs old. I've been lifting for just under a year, but only with a decent routine for about the last 4 months, and its time to get serious. I'm hoping that this journal/diary will help me analyse my progress better and hopefully give me some feedback from everyone on how im doing.

I'm 5'11, and currently around 71~kg (157~lb) @ ~12%, and I'm aiming to gain 10lb in the following 3 months. I've gained about 10lb since I started lifting, and stayed lean, although im still lifting pu**y weight.

Lately i've started eating a lot more, trying to up my cals to something respectable, and I seem to gaining faster. I work 9-5 and go to the gym after work 3 times a week. It takes me about 1.5 hours to get there from work, and 45mins back, so its a bitch, but keeps me disciplined.

Here's my split:

Monday - Chest/Tris
Dips 10 x 3
Flat chest press 12-8 x 3
Flat Bench Press 12-8 x 3
Incline DB Press 12-8 x 4
Pec Deck 12 x 3

Tricep Pushdown 12-8 x 4

Wednesday - Back/Bis
Wide Grip Pullups 8 x 3
Lat Pulley Wide 12-8 x 3
One Arm Dumbbell Row 12-8 x 3
Narrow Seated Back 8 x 4

Barbell Curl 8 x 3
Hammer Curls 12 x 3 [dropsets]

Friday - Shoulders/Legs
Military Press 12-8 x 3
Machine Shoulder Press 8 x 2
Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise 10 x 3
Dumbell Lateral Raise 10 x 4
Shrugs 12 x 3

BB Squat warmup 20 x 1
45 deg leg press 12 x 4
Conventional deadlift 8 x 3 [just started doing these!]
Lunges 12 x 3
Seated calve raise 12 x 3
leg extension 12 x 3
leg curl 12 x 2 [might take this out as hammies get wasted after dl]

Weekends - Abs/Forearms
Weighted Crunches 15 x 4
[sometimes] Wrist Curls/Extensions 15 x 3

I dont really have a set diet, but what I eat is always pretty clean: ready meals at work [beef/lamb with potato etc.], chicken sandwhiches, eggs, oatmeal, rivita, rolls, turkey, salmon, sardines, tuna etc. I dont actually count my cals, I just try to eat as much clean food as I can.

I'm on antibiotics for my acne right now, which have to be taken on an empty stomach, which sucks as it takes 2-3 hours for food to leave the stomach and I have to wait another half-hour/hour before eating after taking it. So in the morning I can eat only 2 meals. annnyyyway, I will have finished the antibiotics in like 2 months, they seem to be working pretty good.

I drink a weight gainer after my workout and over the weekend, or when I cant be assed to make a meal. I also take multivits in the morning and L-Glutamine before bed.

Tonight is shoulders/legs!

Now, back to work before I get caught