The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Pavels basic training protocol

    >>When you lift you will find that you will be able to handle a lot more
    >>weight if you flex, or tense your muscles as hard as you can when you are
    >>lifting. the way to do this is squeeze the bar as hard as you can (try to
    >>crush it), flex your abs, and push your hips forward and flex your ass as
    >>hard as you can. This is to be done on pretty well all lifts except
    >>squats and deads (don't squeeze bar but flex everything else)! Pavel calls
    >>this Hyper-Irridation, I added 40 pounds to my bench immedietly when i
    >>tried this.
    >>The second technique is called Succsesive induction. It means basically
    >>that when you lower a weight, pretend you are pulling it down slow with
    >>the antagonistic muscles. Example: On barbell curls, when you lower the
    >>bar, fell like you are flexing your triceps hard and lowering the bar
    >>under the power of your triceps...With the bench press it would be your
    >>lats, and so on.
    >>If you are training purely for strength, the idea is to lift as heavy
    >>and frequent as posible without tearing down the muscle. An example,
    >>let's say you want to up your squat. Do 1 set of 5 reps everyday. This
    >>way you will be able to lift heave relative to your 1rm, add weight in
    >>small incriments, and lift almost everyday cause you muscles are not being
    >>broken down.
    >>The other way pavel recomends is pretty well the same. Lift about 5
    >>days a week straight (I wouldn't use over 3 main exercises though) Keep
    >>your reps under 10, so either 2 sets of 5, 3x3, whatever, as long as your
    >>reps are under 10 for each individual exercise your in the clear, if not
    >>then cumulitive fatigue will set in and muscle growth will be stimulated,
    >>which is good, but not if you want pure strength training you can do
    >>everyday. Note, drop weight to 80% of your first set on the 2nd set if
    >>doing 2x5.
    >>I would do it like this: deadlifts, military press, and an oly-lift.
    >>Train around 5-6 days a week with one or 2 work sets of 5 reps, and you
    >>can increase weight poundages in waves...Below I will list pave's
    >>periodization cycles.
    >>Start with 75-80% of youyr 5RM. Add 5 pounds per workout to each lift.
    >>Keep going untill you find the weight getting very dificult, then at the
    >>end of a cycle which should be no less than 8 workouts , but just keep
    >>going untill you can only hit about a double in your sets, then you will
    >>have a new PR. Drop the weight and start with a new 80% of 5Rm...These
    >>numbers are only guidlines, if you feel something a little different works
    >>better, by all means do it.
    >>Here is an example with the squat: My 5RM is 350, Sop i would go----WO#1:
    >>280x5, WO#2: 285x5, WO#3: 290x5, WO#4: 295x5, WO#5: 300x5, WO#6: 305x5,
    >>WO#7: 310x5, WO#8: 315x5, Add more weight untill It get's too tough, but
    >>my new pr would be something like 365x5, then drop to 80% and start again.
    >>Same idea as the linear but after you add weight drop it next workout by
    >>about 50% like this...300x5, 310X5, 305x5, 320x5, 315x5, 325x5 That's the
    >>basic idea.
    >>Let's say your 5Rm is 300 pounds, up it to 325 and you might get a
    >>double..Keep it there till you get 5, the increasse again and so on.
    >>Pretty much the same philosophy as the 5x5 we use in our training.
    >>NEVER, NEVER, NEVER train to muscular failure! Keep going to get the last
    >>rep you know you could have got, if your squatting and you got rep 6 but
    >>you know your landing flat on your ass if you try 7, stop at 6, 5 may be
    >>even better. The exception is the 20-rep squat, then it's balls to the
    >>Pavel has 3 of them...The bear, Delorme method and pins to pillars.
    >>THE BEAR:
    >>Basically this is heavy weight, low reps, and a ton of sets, up to 20 if
    >>need be.
    >>The theory is that you need tension (weight), and volume (reps per
    >>workout) together to gain muscle. Now if you crank out a zillion reps
    >>with your sisters 5 pounders, you have the volume but not the
    >>tension...And if you go super heavy but only do a few sets and rest 5 min
    >>in between sets, you have the tension but not the volume, and if you go to
    >>failure on your sets you will only be able to do a few of them, hence, not
    >>enough volume...BUT, if you use a heavy weight relative to your 1rm
    >>(around 85-90%), Use low reps (around 5, but couild be between 3-8), and
    >>high sets (15-20), and rest for a min or 2 between sets, you will have
    >>tesion AND volume. You should train 3 days a week, using only 2 main
    >>exercises I.E Squats and benches with the following protocal using the
    >>cycles i listed earlier, or just keep it simple and forget cycles and keep
    >>upping the weight in small incriments. That's the basics of the bear.
    >>Same idea, a volume aproach for size. Again, only 2 exersizes, Either
    >>squats and benches, or deads and military presses...but throw in oly's,
    >>grip, neck, ab work if you like...use the guidlines to make your own
    >>program...Here is the outline of delorme with an example of squats and
    >>6 WEEK CYCLE:
    >>squat then bench:
    >>50% of 10RM x 5 reps
    >>75% of 10RM x 5 reps
    >>Do series as many times as possible (without going to failure but untill
    >>you can't do it in good form)
    >>50% OF 10rm X 5 reps
    >>Do the same number of series as monday
    >>Keep upping the weight every week!
    >>This can be used on any exercise you wish, but was inspired for squats or
    >>deads. here is the cycle.
    >>1 10x5 @ 50% 1RM
    >>2 10x5 @ 50% 1RM + 5lbs
    >>3 10x5 @ 50% 1Rm +10lbs
    >>4 10x5 @ 50% 1RM + 15lbs
    >>8 Same all the way down (keep adding 5 pounds to your50% of 1 RM
    >>untill you can't,
    >>9 then switch to a different protocal or continue with pins to pillars
    >>but drop weight and
    >>10 cycle back up)
    >>This is the same as the other 2 programs...3 days a week training (mon,
    >>wed, fri) with 2 main exercises...a big lower body(squats or deads), and a
    >>big upper body(press or bench).
    >>Those are Pavel's mass gain theories, like i said before, they work very
    >>well for me and should for you guy's too!
    >>Pavel isn't into long boring aerobic training, and quite frankly, me
    >>neither. He teaches hard anerobic conditioning, the stuff that leaves you
    >>lying in a pool of your own puke. Here is his high rep, balistic training
    >>Train 1 lift at each session, 2-4 days a week...Either the 1 arm dumbell
    >>snatch, the 2 dumbell clean and jerk, or a 2 handed dumbell swing. Start
    >>off light and work the weight up each week slowly.
    >>Perform between 20 and 100 reps for as many sets as you can handle. VERY
    >>IMPORTANT: These are ballistic moves like olympic lifts, not grind
    >>lifts...Do them ballistic like o-lifts.
    >>Well lads, that's about it. Definitly not all his stuff but about the
    >>best he has to offer. Take care, Peace.

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    I got some nasty cramp when I tried flexing everything while doing pullups, my hammies felt like they were taking all the weight and hurt for ages after!


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