Ive been busy with school and football and all so I havent posted for a while.

I'm wondering should I do more direct shoulder work in the off season?

the basis of my off season workouts consist of lots of heavy pushing (benching, incline, dumbell, dips ect.) pulls (rowing, cleans, high pulls ect.) Ive always been told and led to believe that if I do alot of this that I dont need any diretc shoulder work because my shoulders will get worked enough just from doing this.

but this season ive had shoudlder problems, mainly my left one. My trainier done a few test on me and said that my chest and triceps are way stronger than my shoulders are, and that when i punch out to block they are placing alot more stress on my shoulder than it can handle causing it to be injured.

Its also kind evident when i see myself in the mirror, my shoulders are broad and big (but im 280 pounds they are supposed to be) but they kinda round off and are not as bulky as my tri's and chest are.

So im thinking after this season should I go ahead and add more direct shoulder work to help aleviate this problem. any ideas or extra input yall want to add??