Decided just to start another journal from scratch instead of keeping up with the old one. I havent posted in a while just because i have been so busy. I started a cut a little over a month ago. Went from 16% bf to around 9-10%. I havent lost any muscle but my strength is pathetic. Gonna see how low i can get my body fat down in the next month and then start back bulking.

Monday: Chest

Flat BB Press: 225*5, 315*1, 275*5, 225*10
Decline BB Press: 225*12, 275*10, 225*10
Flat Flye: 40*12, 50*10, 60*6
HS Flat Press SS Dips (BW)
225*10, 20 dips for 3 sets
Free Motion Flye: 50*12, 60*10, 70*8, 40*12

Free Motion Shoulder Press: 120*10, 120*12, 100*15
Lateral Raise SS Triceps Pressdown:
30*12, stack*15
35*10, stack*12
40*8, stack*11

Cardio: 40 min. (including stair climber, elliptical, and bike.