I just got into a pretty hard program (Early childhood education) in college and I really want to be a grade school teacher. My parents support me a lot (gave me a new computer, spent money on residence etc) and they have a lot of confidence in me that I will get good marks. Anyway I'm not doing too well. I'm getting Mostly C's and I just got handed back a D on my major assignment. I'm so scared of letting my parents down that i'm afraid to tell them. I have been studying at a slightly above average pace (I will have to pick that up SOON) and I'm really trying to get good marks. My parents are also expecting me to transfer to univercity
The plans I have (so far) is to get a tutor, and possibly have one of my friends correct my work.
Right now i'm feeling very depresed...Can someone help me with this?
Any advice would be GREATLY apreciated...