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Thread: 23 years old and lost

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    23 years old and lost

    I feel like I am running out of time for "life" and I missed the train to somewhere .... I'm 23 and I've found myself all alone. It doesnt help I live in a small town. I also live with my parents still because I am in school. If I get done I will have an associates in computer info systems. I havent been on a date since March and I havent bought any new clothes since last summer. When I was 16, I thought I would have a house, kids and wife by the time I was 23. I'm starting to wonder if any of those things will happen. Several of my friends are married already and a few have moved out of state. My last serious relationship was 2 years ago. With a girl named Kate. I was with her for 3 years before she decided having fun at college was more important than the relationship. The only thing I have going for me is that I've kept the same job for 2.5 years (health inspector) and my computer certifications. I've had some really good opportunities for great jobs. But I never got passed the 2nd interview(s). Now the economy sucks even worst and I feel like I will never fall into the job I want. Some snotty people here at work look down at me because they think I'm some 18 year old punk. I have only 1 friend I hang out with now. The rest are too busy with their families or they are too immature for me. I dont like to drink so I dont hit bars. I guess I would feel better if I had either a really good job or a serious girlfriend...I feel like the potential I have right now is just rotting away and if I don't use it soon it will be gone forever
    don't know what to do...
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