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    Hello all,

    I just discovered this great online community, which I hope will help me accomplish my goals of becoming serious about lifting.

    First, a brief bio: I used to be a competitive swimmer for 7 years, quit around 18yrs old, but I kept working out on and off with no real intensity or regularity until now. A recent breakup means I now have more time, and also helped with my motivation to get serious about building the body I ultimately want.

    Now, I am definitely not only after looks; I have always trained for the pure fun of it, the results are more of a bonus or fringe benefit to me. So you most likely will not see me shave my body, or alter completely the course of my life for the training stuff. I wil ltry to watch my diet a little bit more, but don't expect me to start gulping protein shakes, again, rearranging my life is not the goal here, I simply want to take up an activity that will be good for me, and that will be structured as well. A challenge, I guess you could say.

    I am now around 155lbs depending on the time of day, I eat A LOT but never get really fat, although I have noticed a loss in muscle definition as of late (part of my motivation to take this up). I have a lot of trouble putting on weight, and more recently I also have had a bit of trouble putting on more weights at the gym. I have reached a plateau that cannot be broken without some additional dedication. I figure posting here regularly and getting your comments will help me soldier on, as I cannot find training partners who will provide that sort of motivation and keep up with me.

    I will be honest: for the past few years, I have been concentrating on the upper body A LOT more than the legs. This has resulted in some imbalance (see pictures posted later). I now will give the legs the importance they deserve, and I have also started running so that will help as well.

    I used to create my own routines using the knowledge I had about working out, which, without being encyclopedic, was good enough. I have been stuck in the same exercises for a long time, however, and wanted to try some new stuff, so I went ahead and started with the Wanna Be Big Routine number 1. I will alter it and change to #2 later, but for now it gives me the right mix of good basic exercices and novelty I was looking for.

    I will need your help with two things: 1) keeping me motivated and 2) helping me find out what my weaknesses are, both in terms of physique and strength.

    As far as goals go, I will see what is attainable when I start seeing gains, but I definitely want to get stronger, and I want to build muscle mass. I will watch my food intake and try to get some cardio in my regimen to keep lean, however, so no bulking/cutting phases for me. I am looking for continuous, regular improvements, but I don't mind if it's a bit slower.

    So please feel encouraged to offer your comments and guidance as well as encouragements. They will be highly appreciated. I will now post some pictures of myself so you can see the damage for yourself... Then, the journal begins!

    P.S.: Never used supplements, nor enhancers such as creatine. I don't plan to either. Also, forget about any kind of performance-enhancing drugs. I'm going all-natural baby, let's see how far my genetics and hard work can get me!
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