Hey all,

I haven't been around in ages, but I just wanted to let you know I have 205 (yes I'm counting) days till graduation

I have recently started job hunting. Most of the companies I'm applying with a large, very corporate, and it's mostly through resume drops and via websites.

My question to you all is, has anyone else only ever applied via website and electronical resume drops? I have only heard from one company so far out of 6. I'm not sure if this is good? What the turn around time on contact is? etc.

Any input is appreciated

BTW if anyone wants to help my job hunt I graduate May 8th, 2004 with a BS in Agriscience and a specalization in Animal Science. My past job experience involves about 5 years of combined marketing, PR, customer service type of stuff.

I do have an extensive portfolio to show people if anyone ever offers me an interview (and yes this is in my cover letter)

So if anyone has any insight on corporate hiring, job hunting, etc. I'd love to hear it