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Thread: Chest and tri's worked separately in 1 week = ok?

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    Chest and tri's worked separately in 1 week = ok?

    do you think this sort of workout routine could lead to overtraining? i'll be working bi's and tri's indirectly by performing chest and back on separate days.. and then working them directly later in the week on their own days.

    chest/shoulder/bi's - mon


    legs - wed


    back/tri's - friday


    start again on tuesday

    is there gona be a problem working chest on mon, then tri's again on fri... or back on tues, then bi's on thursday

    i been doing chest/tri, back/bi, shoulders legs for a long time so i'm looking to change it up.. but i don't want to overtrain.

    i'm not a newbie to training.. trained about 3 years now... so i definitely know how to utilize intensity in my training. That's why i'm afraid of overtraining. comments?

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    Being that the tri's and bi's are smaller muscle groups that tend to recover more quickly than the other larger muscle groups, I don't see that routine being a problem. If after 4-5 weeks you start to feel your arms are taking longer to recover or you feel some of your compound lifts are taking a hit then you might want to reevaluate it but it looks fine to me.
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    well many of us do alot of compound movements, so most of what i've seen only involve actually training bi's or tri's approx. once or twice a week. i would see no need to change any of the routine you showed above unless it doesnt work out for you. compound movements comtribute to many muscles overall, so you shouldn't have a problem.
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    I don't see any problems with that split either. Your tri's and bi's will have recovered by then.
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    cool.. just making sure

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    I do Chest and tri's on 2 seperate days right now and it seems to be just fine. I give them about 3 days in between.
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