Been doing WBB routine 1 for several months months now and im happy with the results. I was 'cut' when I started from previous sports, but now im bigger, but slightly less cut. And this is giving me a problem with my abs. Basically Im not sure, but I think the muscles are getting too big in my abdoman.

I train abs on monday with chest/back and friday with shoulders/arms. ON wednesday with legs I do lower back and obliques.

For abs I do 3x6-8 weighted situps, 4x6-8 weighted crunches, 1x30 unweghted crunches, and 1x8-12 leg raises.

I get a good burn from this and the lower back injury I had has not given me any objections.

BUT im looking in the mirror and my abs stick out!! I cant see them as clearly because ive lost my cut, but they stick out further than my chest now if I relax. I look like a turtle took up residence beneath the skin of my stomach!

Is twice a week too much for abs? Or is this normal? I look ok when tensing the stomach but who the hell wants to walk around like that? When I cut will I look ok?

I used to train badly, doing 3x100 unweighted crunches and 3x30 leg raises, and i trained 3 times a week. My stomach was hard and flat. Training higher weight with lower reps and twice a week and my stomach is hard and ... not flat ...

Advice? Once a week? Perhaps abs monday, lower back wednesday and obliques on friday? Or just stop worrying and do a cut?

ps. Ive had the same effect on my ass and loving it