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Thread: Problem with calf raises

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    Problem with calf raises

    Whenever I do calf raises, whether they are on one of the standing, sitting, or 45 degree leg press machines, I have a problem where after each rep, my feet will slide a little bit down on the platform. After doing about 3-4 reps, they are about to slide off so I have to pause and reposition my feet further up on the platform before I can do another rep. Does anyone else have this problem? What do I do about it? It is really interfering with my calf exercises.

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    1) get better shoes with lots of tread so they don't slip

    2) evaluate your calf press movement... are you angled or something that would cause you to slip?

    3) is the surface of the machine slippery? Have your gym install some nonskid safety strips on the footrest areas. You ought not to slip then.

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    I'm with Callahan. If you have trouble with grip on all 3 machines then you should probably invest in new shoes.
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    Maybe the weight is too much.


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