ok, i go to a gym. my gym sucks. And now im going to do something about it. Being as im venturing into the home gym world for the first time i obviously have some questions. Any comments would be great.

i have 300 max to spend. i gather the bare essentials are a multi inclination bench, squat rack and weights. of course a barbell weights and dumbels.

From this i know i can do squats, incline,decline and flat bench. deadlifts. dumbel curls and overhead tricep extentions.

Any more exercises ? what can i do for shoulder. i shoulder press at gym.

being a a student and im on a limited budget i wont be able to afford much else. i know i can get a chin up bar cheap so that would also be good. Any other essential equipment? Dip stations are quite expensive.

Also with a home gym do you think its possible for me to gain just as fast as i am at the moment. Are all the extra isolation exercise that important ? because there is no way i will be able to afford machines.

thanks for support.