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Thread: Bodybuilding Routine

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    Bodybuilding Routine

    When I was younger I used to be extreemly active, and worked out alot. Due to Life I had to stop, however I want to get back into it. I was wondering if anyone could suggest, or tell me where to find a good weekly routine that covers all the major muscle groups, specificly focusing on the upper body. (especially my gut)
    As it stands now I weigh 175 and workout 4 times a week for an hour a day, then I run for 20 min every day.
    2 days = biceps and chest.
    1 day = trys and back.
    1 day = legs and shoulders.
    I do 4 sets of each exercise with 10 - 12 reps per set.
    I would like to weigh about 190-195, and still stay cut.
    I include fish and meat in my diet to try and build muscle but it doesn't seem to work well.
    I'd really appreciate any useful input.

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    Read the beginner sticky

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    go on the actual site, and read some of the beginner stickys. a routine most newbies begin with is WWB #1. just keep in mind, if you wanna get big, get that diet in order first. diet is 80%. don't forget that.
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