Ok in the UK its almost impossible to get multivit+minerals that DONT contain iron.
If i want some that dont contain iron, then it will cost me 15 for 30, this is the cheapest ive found, i currently pay 1.50 for 60 with iron.
So basically im giving up and taking the extra iron cos my monthly bills are just sky high anyway.

From a health point i realise excess iron is bad for men, i seem to find that the RDA for a male is 10mg, my tablet EVER SO KINDLY gives me 14mg! (just incase i forget to eat any meat or cereal that day)

Since my RDA's are upped due to training i was wondering what the RDA is for an athelete?
Im probably easily going over 60mg a day in iron just from my diet, weetbix is loaded with iron (cos the cereal companies like to add vits to make up for all the bad stuff they load cereals with)

How much excess is considered bad?
And what are the symtoms? (i know about cancer)
What do you guys get, and do you really care?