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Thread: Shoulder workout

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    Shoulder workout

    Ok Im quite new to all of this and Im looking for some advise.

    Having looked at my upper body, I notice that my front delts are very much underdeveloped compared to my rear shoulder and to a lesser extent my outer delts.

    At the moment I am doing the WBB workout 1 and was wondering whether I should add any specific front delt w/o to hit these lagging parts?

    What exercises do you all think targets this more than any other?

    Comments and suggestions appreciated...


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    With the military press, over head db press, and lateral raise you should be ok, try adding in some front db raises.
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    bench press with your arms close to your sides as possible.

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    That's unusual. Most people seem to have underdeveloped posterior delts and big anterior delts.

    They should come up with benching and shoulder press/military press.


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