i was just wondering because next week im changing up my workout so as to more fully hit each and every muscle group. biceps tho, i am skeptical about. are shrinking biceps a sign of overtraining biceps? i stopped working my biceps because when i do they always end up shrinking. i dont even hit em hard as hell either, 4 sets with an optional 5th set and once a week (more like once a month lately.)sets one and two consist of dumbell curls, followed by sets 3 and four of incline dumbell curls, followed by the optional 5th set of concentration curls. i dont see how they can be overtraining, but they shrink as if overtrained. when i dont hit them dirtectly they respond ok from back training and what not,but not enough. its not my diet everything else grows (extremely slowly as hell, but nonetheless.) any advice?