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Thread: possible overtraining biceps?

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    possible overtraining biceps?

    i was just wondering because next week im changing up my workout so as to more fully hit each and every muscle group. biceps tho, i am skeptical about. are shrinking biceps a sign of overtraining biceps? i stopped working my biceps because when i do they always end up shrinking. i dont even hit em hard as hell either, 4 sets with an optional 5th set and once a week (more like once a month lately.)sets one and two consist of dumbell curls, followed by sets 3 and four of incline dumbell curls, followed by the optional 5th set of concentration curls. i dont see how they can be overtraining, but they shrink as if overtrained. when i dont hit them dirtectly they respond ok from back training and what not,but not enough. its not my diet everything else grows (extremely slowly as hell, but nonetheless.) any advice?

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    I don't see how it's possible for your biceps to be "shrinking" since your not overtraining, and you say your eating enough. How do you know they are getting smaller, have you taken measurements? Training your bi's once a week with 4 sets is not overtraining. I train my back with arms twice a week and my arms are growing. Exactly how much are you eating and resting?
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    I don't think you're overtraining bi's, rather, I believe you're undertraining them. Only 4-5 total sets of direct bicep work seems kinda low to me. I personnaly hit bi's with at least 12 sets of direct work on my back day (by the last set, I'm pretty much spent), and I'm seeing pretty good growth out of them. I try to use different exercises each week to keep them adapting and growing.

    This works for me b/c I am 18 (hormone factory) and therefore have great recovery ability, so I don't overtrain as easily than someone who is older and with lower test production levels.
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    Could it be that they are looking proportionally smaller if your triceps are growing. If you say everything else is growing and your diet is on track then it could just be that they were big for you before but now the rest of your body is trying to catch up. Your tricep is a much bigger muscle than your bicep anyway, so if its getting bigger it might make your bicep appear smaller (or at least the peak) but your overall arm size could be getting bigger.
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    You said you dont work them hard as hell. Its ok if you do a lower volume training scheme, but you must work them like you'll never be able to work them again.

    My question is basically- How high is your level of intensity on these five sets, and how many reps per set are you doing?

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    If you think you're overtraining them (which I think is very unlikely; do you measure your arms?), you could just drop direct work.

    On my next bulk, I'll be experiementing with dropping all isolation work for arms whatsoever and concentrating on rows and weighted pullups.

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    sometimes your muscles just LOOK smaller.. but they're really not.

    could be anything... water weight .. or ur eyes playing tricks on you.

    i wouldn't worry about it.

    i think 5 sets are definitely NOT overtraining. usually a 7-9 set routine is good for biceps for a week.

    keep chugging away at that protein, and u should be good.


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