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Thread: updae / advice

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    updae / advice

    hey all,
    I havent been on WBB for a while had a lot going on and have just recently got a new job at the new pc world opening in my town (grimsby!) but ma training has been going on and progressing reasonably well

    Just wonduring if you could give me any advice on my chest routine because the top half of ma chest doesnt seem to be getting any bigger.

    Flat bench
    3 X 6 warmup sets
    3 X 6 full out sets..

    Incline bench
    3 X 6

    Incline Flys
    3 X 8

    That's it for ma chest on a chest day ... (i train at home)

    besides eat more than i already am (i eat a lot) could you offer a change of plan for my chest routine ?
    o and it's trained once a week with my triceps afterwords. ....

    thnx and it's gd to b bak on WBB
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    hey bro, glad to see you still banging the iron around!

    I would totlally revamp that style, you just said = you dont seem to be growing. dont worry about top/bottom/middle of chest. Chest is chest, once you get it to growing it ALL grows I think.

    my advice would be to change your rep scheme. You have used similiar sroutines for your other exercises as well if I remember right, and I think you would do well by switching to a warmup/6/4/4 rep scheme with 3-4 sets depending on how you feel that day. Also, get a stopwatch and set your intervals between reps at 2 minutes one week, then 3 minutes the next week.

    This will get you pushing more weight for less reps, and is only a small change, but I think this is all you need to create some size. And of course, diet, sleep, supps and all the other stuff is important too.....your routine isnt the only link in the chain bro'

    good luck!
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    Are you consistently making strength gains? If not then you might want to adjust the frequency also. If you are working chest once a week right now try 3x a week for a bit, or try 2x a week for a while etc, play with it till you find what works best for you. If you learn to train instinctively I think gains will come, it's finding what works that is difficult.

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    thanks for the replies and yer ken im still addicted to that cold steel stuff lol

    My strengh has been increasing quite often and people have said how big my arms are getting so quickly but I train them on a wednesday with my back and i hit them so hard im like that lol... like i am 2day lol

    so ken you want me to start a wamup of of 6 and then 2 sets of 4 reps? because isn't that a lil heavy! lol it's good though..

    my pullups/chinups are comming on nice aswel im well impressed with those..

    ah and ken have you seen my new website ?


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