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Thread: Please Help!!!

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    Please Help!!!

    Hi Everyone, I have been working out for almost a year now and although i have some gained muscle I have failed to achieve definition, which is what I am aiming at. Is there a special way to train for definition or does it require more time with the same kind of training??

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    jeez.... ok here goes nothing.... definition is achieved by attaining low levels of body fat... so simply put anyone who wants to see definition and looked "ripped" needs only to diet and perform cardio.... however most people are not happy with the results of this on their current skinny base and so they continue to add more muscle and depending on how well they watch their diet fat will be added as well..... If you follow a strict diet and keep gaining mostly muscle you will in affect be lowering your BF levels..... so i guess what you need to ask yourself is do you want to be big or do you want to be ripped? my suggestion get big and then worry about definition
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    get big
    then get ripped
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    what they said

    lose fat

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    i agree with everyone, but here's a pointer instead of random agreements: go to the diet/nutrition forums and search up "cutting." If you would like 'definition', then that is the thing for you. like built says, "abs are made in the kitchen."
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