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    first deadlift experience

    today i deadlifted for the first time. i have been looking p the form for quite a while and looking at the 2 different styles. on the way to the college gym my roomate got on the campus shuttle bus. he asked where i was going. i told him i was going to the gym to do back and biceps. he said he was gonna do those parts today. i told him i was gonna try sumo deads today. he told me me he didnt like to do them cuz their bad for ur back. this got me fired up even more cuz i do wanna make excuses for being a pussy. seems alot of people who are anti deads prolly have not even attempted one before, it just scares them. i know the benefits of the movement so i didnt wanna shy away. i had done conventionals last week but i wanted to try sumos since ive heard they may be better for the tall lifter-im 6-2

    when i got to the gym i had the manager/trainer check my form. he told me my form was really good. he wanted me to widen my stance even more than i had. he also corrected that i needed to keep my knees out during the bottom of the lift. even though i only used 115 for my highest set, 5 sets, i felt like an animal. a few people were looking at me wondering what i was doing. good feeling for sum reason. after lifting i had track workout too. my lower back feels awesome, its sore but in that "you just worked the hell out of it" soreness. my hip flexors felt a lil weird after sets but now they are fine. probably just because it was my first time performing. i have had sum lower back trouble cuz of poor posture when working and running alot but is better now and these seem like they will help prevent any more back problems. i just wanna know who the bastards are that have been keeping these a secret from me.

    im looking forward to the track season with hopes of getting even more strength and speed after dropping 4 secs off my 400m time last yr. also have switched from back squats to front squats with the hang clean catch postion grip. i can get so much deeper and feels more natural. im still working up in weight in these too, i dont wanna slap sum weight on on then do crappy form. i def. recommend front squats to anyone. also have been doing hang cleans, the manager/trainer had been checking my form. the only thing i have left to fix is that i have a tendency to jump forward during the movement. im still only using the bar till im 100% comfortable. ive seen some horrible cleans in the schools gym. ie reverse curling the weight

    well this is kinda long so im gonna go.
    any comments welcome or letting me know your views on these lifts

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