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Thread: Any local legends from your town?

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    i grew up in San ANtonio we had a few several that i tested

    midget mansion in early 1900s midgets were slaves deemed evil and sub human anyway this mansion had a bunch of them well one day the midgets got tired and killed the owners and modified the house . It was months before anyone realized that the owners had been murdered they then killed all the midgets. (this is actually in the library) THere is still the slab and basement of the house its pretty earie.

    donkey lady- just what it sounds like i dont know how this could be but there was a hill we used to jump when we got high it wasnt that you really got air but the way the road sloped it gave you the illusion of driving on air anyway a friend of mine and his girl and his best friend went over the hill and wrecked they were both fine but his buddy was found 30 ft high in the trees. he was teh back seat passanger. When my buddy came to his friends seat belt was broke and his body in the trees

    railroad push- actually did this one rumor had it some kids were killed near this track and if you stop your car on it they will push you over. I ofcoarse did not beleive it so i went there and put flour all over my car sat on the tracks and it went over them. I put hte car in park jump out and looked at back bumper and there were prints on my car
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    Those prints were from the kids you ran over the day before bam.
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    grechen locke, some locke builders little girl died on the way over to america in a boat, and he buirred her in the locke. and now she still walks at night.

    also pretty boy floyd was killed down the street
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    closest place i can think of would be vennis beach(sp?) , but i dunno if any legends lift around there anymore?
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    Originally posted by aidano
    An old man in my town is said to be the illegitimate child of Winston Churchill.

    I think it's a load of old bollocks.
    Does he have a big head?

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    I though of another one about 20 mins from my home. Cretchien Point. An Antebellem Home where a civil war battle took place. The mansion is supposed haunted by members of the Union that saught sanctity there after the battle. And one mile down the road theres "Marie"; a slave girl that was raped and thrown down the canal by the same Union forces. Supposedly she can't walk past the boundries of the bridge.

    And in Grand Prairie; La. a Nam vet killed himself in an open field after he came home and found his wife/and kids had shacked up w/ another man.He is supposed to haunt the field where he killed himself.

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    once a pro wreslter repped 225 on bench 65 times in my town


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