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Thread: Please analyze my workout, I'm new to lifting.

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    Please analyze my workout, I'm new to lifting.

    Hiya.. my first post here.

    I'm 5'11" and weigh 175 lbs. I've gained 10 lbs in the last 2 months thanks to working out/eating/protein shakes.

    I've mostly been working out my upper body/back/arms.. once I'm happy with my upper-body I start working on my legs.

    Here's my workout:

    Monday: (Push day)

    3 sets of 40 lb dumbells seated military press 8-8-8
    3 sets of 40 lb dumbells incline press 8-8-8
    3/4 sets of 55 lb dumbells flat bench 8-6-6-4

    3 sets of one-arm tricep extensions (behind the my neck, straight up) with 20 lb dumbells. 8-8-6

    3 sets of tricep pulldowns with my weider crossbow 10-8-8

    Tuesday: off day

    Wednesday: (Pull day)

    3 sets of rows with weider crossbow (not sure of weight, just set it to good resistance) 8-8-6

    3 sets of lat pulldowns with weider crossbow (again, not sure of weight) 8-8-8

    3 sets of 40 lb dumbell bent rows 8-8-8 (sometimes 6 with left arm on last set)

    3 sets of 25 lb dumbell curls 10-8-8

    Thursday: off day

    Friday: (repeat monday and continue routine every-other day)

    Also, 1 hour after every workout, I drink a GNC whey-protein shake with 1% milk) I eat well and take GNC mega-men vitamins.

    my goals: Nice broad back, bigger chest, bigger arms, bigger forearms, maybe another 15-25 lbs of weight.

    tools of the trade: (no barbells) (1) 15 lb dumbell, (2) 20 lb dumbells, (2) 40 lb dumbells, (2) 55 lb dumbells, Weider Crossbow system.

    any advice/suggestions?
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