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Thread: all muscles, twice per week

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    all muscles, twice per week

    Can some of you guys that train everything twice per week throw out your splits for me to sample? I want to start doing that and I dont know how to start designing that type of routine without overtraining (esp. overtraining my lower back because of squats and deads)

    The only split I've seen so far is a simple push/pull with legs on the pull day but that seems pretty tough to fit all of that in there, plus my back would crumble if I put heavy deads and squats on the same day.
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    Flat Bench (light day, 4 sets of 5 )
    Close Grip Bench
    BB Row
    BB curl

    Tues: rest

    Military press
    Lateral Raise
    Leg ext
    calf ext


    Flat Bench (2 heay sets reps 6 and under)
    Close grip bench
    1 set of incline db bench
    BB row

    This day can be used as a 2nd squatting day, or a rest day. All depends on how my legs feel. Also, I can deadlift today instead of sun.

    Sun: deadlift if I didnt do it previous day

    On either one of my chest days I may throw in hammer curls or an extra bicep exersise, depending on how I feel.

    I know a ton of guys on here doing twice or 3x a week routines, I'm also interested in seeing lots of them
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    In trying to hit everything twice a week, I would rotate deads and squats. Maybe even cycle through them so that you aren't doing that.

    4 weeks of just squat related and then 4 weeks of deadlifted related. Don't try to do both on the same day or in the same week to failure or you will be overtraining real quick.
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    I used to do..
    Sunday - Upperbody
    Monday - Lowerbody
    Tuesday - Upperbody
    Wednesday - Lowerbody
    Thursday - Upperbody
    Friday - Lowerbody
    Saturday - Off

    I used really high volume, but the intensity wasn't 100% on all lifts, except maybe for squats, bench, and a few things here and there. But I hurt my knee doing leg extensions so I had to cut out the leg work, stupid cheap machine. It worked well for the few weeks I did it, made real nice improvements on the squat, about 30lbs-40lbs or more.

    Now I just train instinctively.
    I just started doing legwork again today, lunges, no squats yet, so I might start doing legs on their own day every once in a while. Basically on any given day I will do either

    I find instinctive training keeps me from overtraining and lets me work the muscles 2-3 times a week. If you are looking for a set routine though, Hahn's routine is really sharp.

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    Chest--5 sets (3 sets 1st exercise, 2 sets 2nd exercise)
    Back--5 sets
    Bis--4 sets (2 sets 1st & 2nd exercise)
    Calves--4 sets
    Lowerback--3 sets

    Quads--5 sets
    Hamstrings--4 sets
    Delts--5 sets
    Traps--3 sets

    Wednesday: off

    repeat Monday's muscle groups with completely different exercises

    repeat Tuesday's muscle groups with completely different exercises

    Do deadlifts on either Monday or Thursday but not both. Do heavy rowing on the workout you aren't deadlifting.
    Do squatting on Tuesday or Friday but not both. Do heavy leg presses on the workout you aren't squatting.

    You get the idea.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hey Justin, send me an email ( and I'll discuss a decent program with you.


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