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Thread: Punching Bag...

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    Punching Bag...

    Hey hey..

    Ok, so I bought a 70lbs punching bag, pro bag gloves, hand wraps.. and its in my room. It's been fun so far, just playing around with it... but I am going to mix it in as my cardio. I HATE cardio, and I know this is a GREAT cardio workout when your laying into the bag, moving the feet around, jumping around...

    My only concern.. I do cardio 3 times a week, and I lift 3 - 4 days a week. After an upperbody workout, will the boxing effect me at all? I mean.. after laying into that bag for 20 mins, you feel it in the Tri's.. especially in the morning

    So, what do you all think? I am TIRED of the bike... I hate my bike... hehe.. and my blades suck now.. and I love the stress relief from laying into that punching bag.. crank some tunes and go crazy, learning the proper techniques...

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    I don't think the boxing will affect your upper body workouts. It might make you sore the first few times, but it really isn't that hard of a workout. Once your muscles get used to it; you should be fine.

    I used to kickbox...
    Hitting the punching bag is an excellent workout. You should learn to throw some kicks in there as well; even a better workout. I'm sure you could find some sites online that show demonstrations of certain kicks, punches, combinations, etc.

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    heh heavy bags are great workouts...did that tuesday at my martial arts hall...unfortunately i have a small chunk of skin outta my main knuckle. Note to self don't hit top of heavy bag with backhand strike targeted to what would be someone's temple...cuz that's where the couplings and chain attach the bag...

    i train barehanded on the heavybag, part of my knuckle conditioning. if you have a canvas bag i wouldn't recommend bare knuckles as the canvas is too coarse and will rip apart your can always cover your heavy bag with electrical tape...ours is probably cuz it's been busted open a few times...I don't think you need to search around for a routine...learn how to punch properly but combos are anything the situation what I usually do is picture an enemy coming at me with a specific attack and then practice the defense to it and the yeah i'm blocking thin air where arms would be on the bag if it were a person...then i kill the bag with my counters...
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    I have a heavy bag and gloves...

    Talk about some SERIOUS sweat! I love to use it after a workout to get to total exhaustion.

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    Heavy bag workouts are awesome. I find it's the other way around for me. My lifting gets in the way of my muscle endurance w/ kickboxing. My left shoulder just kills after kickboxing.

    I can give you some pretty good heavy bag drills if you want 'em.


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