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Mass is something every bodybuilder seeks: attaining it is pretty simple and straightforward. Unless you use steroids (and get all the side effects that come with it), you will need discipline and devotion to your training.

I found that to be hilarious.

Cormier suggests using a range of 16 to 20 sets per body part. I suggest that if you are not a competing bodybuilder, use a range of 12 to 16 sets, per muscle group. Try not to train more then 2 body parts in a single day or you will over work your body, and it might stop you from growing.

LOL, more than 2 body parts is overtraining But 16 sets for each body part isn't.

Gotta love their chest tip. 14 sets at 15 reps each for chest, who doesn't incorporate that ole' trick in their chest routine?